十博官网备用网址’s Department of Public Policy hosted a book launch for former 十博官网备用网址 President and Rector John Shattuck. 他的新书名为《Holding Together: The Hijacking of Rights in America and How to Reclaim Them for Everyone是十博体育在线平台权利的承诺以及在美国实现这些权利的斗争. It examines the hijacking of rights by politicians who seek power by dividing and polarizing, and how to find ways forward in which rights can bring citizens together instead of tearing them apart. 与Sushma Raman和Mathias Risse合著, 《团结在一起》是美国人权复兴的路线图, 他的洞察力对每个民主国家都至关重要.

本次活动由十博官网备用网址教授Martin Kahanec (ECON’00)主持开幕, head of the Department of Public Policy and acting director of the recently renamed Shattuck Center for Human Rights. 出席会议的有美国驻奥地利大使, 维多利亚·雷吉·肯尼迪,前美国驻匈牙利大使馆临时代办, 安德烈Goodfriend. 在他的开场白中, Professor Kahanec described recent developments with respect to the Shattuck Center, 以约翰·沙特克的名义命名. 回应世界大事, the Center announced a new mission amplifying its role as an interdisciplinary hub for practical engagement on issues related to human rights and social justice.

Professor Shattuck then took the stage to introduce “Holding Together” and its relevance in a broader international context. The theme of the book is related to how democracy and human rights are under attack worldwide and how the methodology of these attacks can be grouped into three separate models and interpreted through events and the public mood in the United States.

Firstly, there is the model of authoritarian violence which we see in Ukraine today. “正如十博体育在线平台所知,暴力侵略, is the ultimate instrument of coercion and waging a war of aggression is the most extreme form of criminal conduct in the world equal to crimes against humanity and genocide which are also being committed in Ukraine,沙特克教授说. “Putin’s war was certainly a wake-up call for Europeans and Americans who have too long taken for granted our security and democracy. 风险是巨大的. 我想起当我第一次从修昔底德那里学到这句名言时,强者做他们能做的,弱者承受他们必须承受的.“如果这场战争成功的话, 如果普京成功, 武力统治将压倒法治,”他补充道.

其次, 还有维克托•欧尔班(Viktor Orban)的匈牙利模式, 他说这是对民主的非暴力劫持, 这比普京的暴力威权主义更不显眼,但更阴险. Hungary has now become a case study on how easily democracies can be overwhelmed from within. For more than two decades Hungary seemed to be heading on the path to becoming a working democracy and a state governed by the rule of law. 然而不到10年, Prime Minister Orban and his party managed to disassemble all that was built and turn the country into a semi autocratic country with many resemblances to its communist past of 50 years.

And finally, there is the third model which is most relevant to the book and the American public. 这就是唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)的造反模式. 事实上,它是前两种模式的融合. 这种方法当然是通过选举过程来控制的, 除非潜在的威权主义者碰巧赢了. 如果他们碰巧输了, 他们否认选举失败,并散布有关选举舞弊的错误信息, 最终导致政治暴力和选民分化.

正是在这一点上,沙特克教授带来了一些希望, citing the fact that based on research conducted for the book during town hall meetings organized in various points of the country together with two major national polls, 美国选民一般不会受到极端主义的影响. To mention but a few fundamental examples: 72% of people surveyed were fed up with polarization in general and 70% believe voting should be a birth right and provided unconditionally to every citizen. 因此, it seems that a majority of Americans are committed to democratic values and are not swayed by authoritarianism from either side of the political spectrum. 他称之为“沉默的多数”.

Professor Shattuck ended his speech with a quote from late American civil rights leader John Lewis: “Democracy is not a state, 这是一种行为. It is not some enchanted garden perched high on a distant plateau where we can finally sit down and rest. Democracy is the continuous action we all must take, and every generation must do its part.“终于, he called on students to act—closing with the same six-word invocation he shared in all his graduation speeches at 十博官网备用网址: “Go forth and save the world!”

回答这个电话, Professor Kahanec invited four 十博官网备用网址 Master’s and Doctoral students to join Professor Shattuck on stage for a discussion bringing their own international perspectives to bear on the book’s findings. The students took turns sharing their experiences concerning human rights and democracy and how these values shape their studies and future plans. 例如, a student from El Salvador told the audience how she arrived in the United States as a migrant and was faced with a very testing dilemma: should she continue working in her field of expertise – economics, or should she raise awareness on the plight of fellow migrants and join the fight against the Trump administration’s recently ratified policies instigated for the sole purpose of suppressing her compatriots. 这也是最终驱使她在十博官网备用网址学习人权的原因.

关闭事件, President and Rector Shalini Randeria expressed her gratitude to the many admirers of Professor Shattuck from around the world who contributed to creating and sustaining the Shattuck Center. 她特别感谢这一倡议的主席, 本杰明•海涅, 马修·尼梅茨和凯蒂·马顿, 他们都是十博官网备用网址董事会的前成员. 

Watch an interview with Professor Shattuck regarding his new book and the new mission of the Shattuck center: